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ExerciseIf skeletal or voluntary muscles that participate in lifting, carrying and movement, do not participate in maintaining erect posture, why then exercise them so vigorously to treat and prevent backache and back-related problems? So much money and hype have gone into the fitness industry from the latest gadgets to muscle-building supplements and yet, other than to create muscle tone and a general well-being through improved circulation and such vigorous exercises have little effect in curing and preventing backache. Sports persons, fitness instructors and numerous exercise enthusiasts suffer from the most excruciating backache ever. My honest feeling on the subject is that the fitter you are, the more severe the back problems are when you get them.Back to GenesisWe have to change our attitude towards backache, by understanding the underlying forces and structures that cause it. Only then can we confidently go to the roots and eradicate the problem on a long-term basis and carry out preventive measures throughout our lives. That is the only way forward to solve a potentially debilitating and mostly chronic, not to mention very costly problem.*58\330\8*

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