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Those who truly love one another have infinite faith in the durability of their love, and this faith itself contributes to its own realization. An intelligent and genuinely romantic husband and wife will wish each other to have the same freedom of association and action in marriage as before it, and no amount of conviviality of one of them with members of either sex will shake the faith of the other in the supremacy of their love. This freedom may be granted with a full understanding of the frailties of human nature, for however seasoned we may be in the experience of all sorts of disillusionment, it still remains true that the only love worth having is one that is free and based on unlimited faith. And no matter how much we may recognize intellectually that all love is relative to the varying circumstances of life and no matter how mature we may be in the realization that anything can happen to anybody, still, in order to have any chance for happiness at all, we must keep all such knowledge in the background of consciousness, and make a practical absolute out of our love. It is the same as in many ordinary relationships: it is better to have faith and be deceived many times over than to live with no faith at all.*96\275\8*

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