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The following remedies are intended as first-aid measures only. If the condition is of an ongoing, chronic variety, it will be necessary to seek professional homoeopathic help for long-term relief. In other words, treatment from a homoeopathic practitioner will deal with the predisposition to the condition. Acute or first-aid approaches will help in the short term to alleviate symptoms.
It is recommended that the most appropriate remedy should not be repeated more than three to four times daily. Once improvement has set in, discontinue the remedy. If the problem returns and the symptoms are still the same, return briefly to the same remedy, stopping again once there is further improvement. Do not persevere with a remedy which is not helping in the hope it will eventually take effect. This is an indication that the choice is incorrect, and a more appropriate prescription is needed.
Generally speaking, if it is necessary to repeat the indicated remedy for a few days in succession, professional help should be sought to deal with the condition more effectively. On the other hand, the relief gained from judicious homoeopathic prescribing for a day or so can be enormous.
The following list of conditions and appropriate remedies is intended only as a rough guide. More information may be obtained from books such as: How to Use Homoeopathy Effectively, Christopher Hammond (Carotas Healthcare, 1988); Everybody’s Guide to Homoeopathic Remedies, Cummings and Ullman (Gollancz, 1984); Homoeopathic Medicine at Home, Panos and Heimlich (Corgi, 1984) and The Family Guide to Homoeopathy, Dr Andrew Lockie (Elm Tree Books, 1988).

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