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In the late sixties, it appeared that the Pill was the answer for the contraceptive needs of most women.

Although some women cannot use the Pill without undue side effects, most can take it, especially the newer low-dose ones with minimum side effects and almost 100 per cent success in preventing conception.

Unfortunately, reports about the long-term dangers associated with the use of the Pill increase and the risks in using it now appear to be greater than at first thought.

The risks seem to be an increased incidence of artery and vein problems, which can lead to thrombosis or clots and blocking of the coronary arteries, with the development of a heart attack.

The International Planned Parenthood Federation in 1977 spelled out the dangers: “The risks are concentrated in women over 35 and in those who smoke and who have used the Pill over five years.

“Women under 35 who use the Pill have, overall, an added risk of one in 20,000 of dying; between 35 and 44, the hazard rises to one in 3000 and, over 45, to one in 700.


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