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The aim of treating reactive hypoglycaemia is to prevent sudden large increases in blood sugar levels. If the blood sugar level can be prevented from increasing quickly, then excessive unnecessary amounts of insulin will not be produced and the blood sugar levels will not plunge to abnormally low levels.

Smooth steady blood sugar levels can be readily achieved by changing from high to low G.I. foods in the diet. This is particularly important when eating carbohydrate foods by themselves. Low G.I. foods tike whole grain bread, low-fat yoghurt and low G.I. fruits are best for snacks.

If you can stop the big swings in blood glucose levels, then you will not get the symptoms of reactive hypoglycaemia and chances are you will feel a lot better.

Hypoglycaemia due to a serious medical problem is rare. Such conditions require in-depth investigation and treatment of the underlying cause.

An irregular eating pattern is the most common dietary habit mat we see in people who have hypoglycaemia. The following case study illustrates this very well.


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