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It is understandable that the indigenous peoples of, for example, Africa, South America and the South Sea islands enjoy a better skin function than people who have to wear thick clothing all the time; the native people in hot climates often walk around wearing very little clothing, if any, and their bodies are in constant contact with the air, sunlight and often with muddy water, thus promoting a more efficient skin function. Since in colder regions of the earth it would be impossible to do this, the people living in northern Europe must have followed a healthy instinctive desire to stimulate their bodies by taking regular saunas and improving the effect even further by cooling down afterwards in cold water or by rolling in the snow, for these customs also keep the functions of the skin in good order and, in turn, benefit the whole body. For the same reason some people with a healthy instinct like to go hiking or swimming. They practise such a sport on a reasonable scale, and if they ski it is done in a sensible way, climbing up the mountain slope instead of using a ski-lift. Other people find greater pleasure and advantage in massaging the body or having it massaged regularly. They use an effective oil that stimulates the functions of the skin, keeping it healthy and in top condition.


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