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Don’t start this program until you have completed six to eight weeks on the Metabolism Balancing Program—you won’t get good results if you don’t first build your immunity up. Also, don’t undertake the Anti-Candida Program while under a lot of stress or if you are breastfeeding. As you can’t have fruit and milk, two sources of readily usable glucose will not be available to your body. Stress creates a greater than normal need for glucose and the blood glucose levels can drop when you are under stress if fruit and milk are not eaten.

The symptoms of stress are the same as the symptoms of Candida yeast infection. For this reason, you may not feel that much better if you are stressed. You may begin to lose heart and feel the program isn’t working, even though it is successfully killing the yeast. You may begin to feel tired and despondent on it, thus making it difficult to stick to. Take care of all your stresses before commencing this program and reduce them where possible.

Smokers should not try to give up while on this program. Coping with the symptoms of yeast kill-off is difficult enough without adding the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal.

People with nightshade allergies are the exception to this rule. If you are allergic to any of the nightshade group of plants (tomato, chili, cayenne, eggplant, green pepper, paprika, potato, red pepper, tobacco, belladonna) you must give up cigarettes. The nightshades are so closely related, being allergic to even one or two of them means that cigarettes will prevent the program from working.

Drugs, particularly marijuana, must also be given up, as they suppress the yeast-killing effect of the white blood cells.

There can be no standard anti-candida program that works for all of the people all of the time. This is because most Candida sufferers also have allergies and are allergic to different things.

Because most people with a yeast infection are also allergic to yeasts, moulds and fungi, all yeasts, moulds and fungi have been withheld from the Anti-Candida Program.

One thing that all anti-candida programs do have in common is that they exclude sugar, honey, white flour and any food made from them. For the first four to six weeks, all fruits, milk and milk products are to be excluded from the program. Eggs are not dairy products and may be had on this program. The sugar in fruit, honey and milk feeds the Candida albicans yeast colony in the gut, causing it to grow larger. The Anti-Candida Program is an amended version of the Metabolism-Balancing Program. Eat only what’s on the program! If it’s not written here, don’t eat it!

Children under four years of age are not to go on this program without supervision of a health professional.

You absolutely must eat the unleavened bread whether you like it or not. To not eat it means you will become short of the minerals chromium and selenium, and thus you will feel weak. If you are allergic to wheat, make the bread from millet flour, or rice flour, or buckwheat flour.

Don’t go on this program if you are not prepared to eat the bread. One comforting thought is that even if at first you don’t like it, you will develop a taste for it if you persist. Eat only those unleavened breads included in the shopping list.

All oat and rye products have been excluded from this program as experience has taught me that most allergic people have sensitivities to the common oat and to rye grass. These two are related to the cereal oats and cereal rye used in breads. Rice bran has been added to the recipes in lieu of oats as a cholesterol-lowering agent.

If you are a flight attendant on an international airline, you have to stay on fruit for the whole duration of the program. This may mean it will take longer to get well but this can’t be helped. The long flights place too much strain on the body for it to go without the natural sugars found in fruit. If you are pregnant, you must also stay on fruit. Use crushed egg shells (crushed to a fine powder) in salad dressings, scrambled eggs, omelettes and in recipes. Egg shells are rich in calcium and preclude the need for milk.

Although I prefer my patients to go off fruit and milk concurrently for the first four to six weeks, you may go off them at any stage of the program and at separate times if you prefer—even the last four to six weeks if you like. Some people find that being on the fruit and milk at the beginning helps them to adjust to being on the

program. They are used to being on it by the time they have to go off the fruit and milk. If you are allergic to milk or any particular fruits, you will go off them at the outset of the program. Don’t have more than three to four pieces of fruit per day.

Sometimes a change of diet can cause constipation. If this happens to you on the Anti-Candida/Anti-Allergy Program take a mild herbal laxative (Cascara sagrada is a good one) before bed and drink more water. As your bowels begin to return to normal, reduce the amount and frequency of the laxative until it’s no longer required.


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