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This has been included as a supplement because iodine deficiency is becoming more widespread since people have started cutting salt out of their diet. Iodised salt has been the main source of iodine for most people and as they have not been eating seafood (the only good source of iodine) two to three times per week, they have not been making up for the iodine loss. Iodine is the principal nutrient needed for the manufacture of thyroid hormone. Thyroid hormone determines the rate at which the metabolism ticks over. A deficiency in this hormone means a sluggish metabolism and low resistance to allergies, infection, cancer, high cholesterol and heart disease. A small minority of people get a mild skin rash on iodine. If this happens to you, stop taking it after fourteen days. When the skin settles down take it once a week from then on.

Marine lipid concentrate (MaxEPA) contains the two essential fatty acids not found in evening primrose oil. MaxEPA, combined with evening primrose oil, provides the cells with all the essential fatty acids needed to keep the metabolism balanced. Marine lipids have a cholesterol-lowering and an anti-rheumatoid-arthritic effect.

To answer this question scientifically one has to say ‘yes’ as it is possible to have too much of anything. In reality the answer has to be ‘no’ as the dosages of multi-vitamin and mineral formulas are strictly monitored by the Department of Health to eliminate this possibility.

There are 5000 documented cases of vitamin overdoses in the United States. Mostly these were children gulping down sugar-coated, artificially flavoured vitamins in the belief they were lollies but in not one case was death the outcome, even though they felt nauseous and headachy for a while. This compares rather favourably with the thousands of deaths resulting from aspirin overdose (slightly more than 2000). Anyone who wants to be stupid can take massive doses of a single vitamin and this can cause metabolic disturbances of varying degrees.


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