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White Hour and sugar are the most fattening foods and it is a sad fact that most people who are over-weight eat far too much of these foods. If they are not taking vitamin and mineral supplements they will incur severe nutrient deficiencies as well.

Most weight-reducing diets are vitamin and mineral deficient which further aggravates the metabolic imbalance created by these deficiencies. High protein diets lead to deficiencies in vitamins B6 and B3 as large quantities of these vitamins are needed to metabolise protein. As we have already seen, a vitamin B6 deficiency interferes with thyroid gland and T-lymphocyte metabolism. A vitamin B3 and B6 deficiency aggravates carbohydrate metabolism.

Some of the high fibre diets advertised are high in tinned peas, beans and corn. The chemical preservatives used in the preparation of these foods can build up in the liver over time and disrupt its function. As the liver is the great metabolic factory of the body, any disruption in its function can lead to disruption in the metabolism of the body as a whole.


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