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We are no longer absolutely in the dark when it comes to treating cancer. There are some biological means that help to normalise the body’s weakened defence system without causing undesirable side effects. It is now understood that cancer, the disease, is not restricted to a tumour, that is, a localised problem; rather, it is a chronic ailment affecting the body as a whole. For this reason measures must be taken to detoxify the body. How do we do this? First, we stimulate the liver, the organ whose role it is to filter out toxins. Then there is the need to regularise the intestinal flora. Next, the body must get plenty of oxygen. Finally, the patient requires a natural wholefood diet, with plenty of raw food, brown rice and lactic acid products. In this way we can fight cancer or do much to prevent it. At no time should we consider it an inevitable blow of fate.

With viruses the situation is similar, although less simple, because they usually attack the immune system. Where the body’s resistance has been damaged by the sum total of pathogenic effects and an inherited weakness in the immune system, a viral attack is able to destroy what is left of the existing regenerative forces. In such a case, not just one battle but the whole war will have been lost.


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