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A nursery-school teacher recently told me that her eyesight had deteriorated so that she could no longer read even when wearing her glasses. Several months earlier she had started taking Ginkgo biloba regularly, about thirty drops every morning and night. When she tried her old pair of glasses again she was amazed that her sight had actually improved. I asked myself why this might be so and came to the conclusion that Ginkgo biloba had had a regenerative effect on her eyes because it promotes good blood circulation even to the capillaries, thus also improving the supply of oxygen. In fact, I would be glad to hear from anyone whose eyesight had improved after taking Ginkgo biloba for some time. Incidentally, it stimulates other sensory functions too, for example the hearing.

Another patient said: ‘I began to notice an improvement in my circulation after taking 15-20 drops daily for about a month. The feeling of heaviness in my left foot and leg has almost gone and the migraine headaches are now less frequent.’

A further effect is highlighted in the following letter:

‘A little while ago I began to drink Ginkgo tea and I must say that its effect is outstanding. Blood supply to the head has improved. Every night my nostrils seemed to be blocked, but now this is better. What is even more important, I’m not as forgetful as I used to be, and if I do forget something I find it easier to recall what it was. Another thing, before I began to take Ginkgo biloba my right arm tended to go numb while I was asleep and I had to shake and massage it several times to get the circulation going again. Now I no longer suffer from this.’


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