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To combine just any kind of herb or extract with another, hoping that eventually one may be lucky and suddenly invent something outstanding, is clearly the wrong thing to do. There are certain herbs and other natural remedies which, when combined, tend to harm rather than benefit the system. To ascertain the overall effects and be able to combine them correctly requires the gift and powers of accurate observation and a certain amount of intuition, a flair that comes from experience and training. Moreover, it is not always possible to judge the material components alone, for there are many substances and factors which have yet to be discovered but nevertheless play a part in the total effect. For this reason it is necessary to reckon with unknown as well as known factors.

Consider, for example, certain combinations of remedies that were used in the Middle Ages and are still as effective today as they were then. This is undoubtedly because of their rich content of vitamins and enzymes. Even though such factors were unknown when these remedies were originated, the skilled observers became aware of their effects and a new remedy was found and from then on employed in curing sickness. Practical experience in such circumstances is just as valuable, if not more so, than scientific knowledge of the exact chemical composition.


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