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In the animal world, fertility is paramount for the survival of any species. However, the human race today has a number of fertility problems. Men are showing sperm abnormalities (such as sperm with two heads or sperm that are so sluggish they cannot reach the egg). Some women have a number of menstrual cycles during which they do not ovulate; or, when fertilisation happens, the embryo does not implant in the womb.

To explain these anomalies, we have to go back to the foundations of health. The egg and sperm are only as healthy as the man and woman who produce them. If there are any problems with either the egg or the sperm, however subtle, nature will either try to stop fertilisation occurring or, if it does take place, a miscarriage may follow.

One reason why so many couples are diagnosed with ‘unexplained infertility’ is that doctors cannot put it down to a specific, observable medical cause. But I believe that infertility is a multi-factorial problem and should be investigated that way. That means looking at a variety of issues, such as nutrition, alcohol and smoking habits, levels of lead and other toxic metals, pesticides, food additives, genito-urinary infections, allergies, stress and other hazards of modern life. That means your partner taking a close look at his health and nutrition as well (in four out of ten cases of infertility, the problems are on the male side). The fact is that our modern ‘unnatural’ lifestyle, combined with the nutrient depletion of much of our food, has left many of us deficient in the vitamins and minerals we need for successful baby making.

Any specialist who works in a zoo, or breeds champion dogs, cattle or racehorses, will tell you that optimum nutrition is essential. But, while the fertility clinic business is booming (with desperate couples lining up for treatment), there isn’t much incentive to look at whether simple factors, like a deficiency of zinc for instance, may be the main reason for unexplained infertility.


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