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1. Lie on tummy over a pillow: raise head and shoulders to the horizontal – without arching

the back, as this can put a strain on the posterior joints. Progress by repeating with arms stretched sideways.

In this way, the back extensor muscles work, but no stress is put on the joints.

2. Lie trunk over a firm table with a folded towel under hips: hold onto edges of table: lift

both legs to horizontal and hold for a count of 4.

This is a very strong extension exercise.

Leg strengthening exercises-Such exercises are important for safe lifting.

1. Sit on a firm chair; hold arms in front; stand up and sit down 10 times. Next stage: sit on a

low stool and do the same exercise.

2. As 1, but on only one leg; repeat with the other leg.

This is a very strong exercise.

3. Stand on one leg with your eyes closed for a count of 20. Repeat with other leg.

This is an exercise for balance.

Exercises mainly for the thoracic spine

Women seem particularly vulnerable to thoracic (chest level) spine strain, perhaps from lifting babies in and out of cots and prams, lifting shopping out of the boot of the car, and so on. Try to be aware of the potential problems and straighten the middle part of your back before lifting.

The muscles across the back can feel stretched and ache, pull your shoulder blades together to tighten them, don’t use exercises that increase pain.

1. Sit on a chair with knees apart. Bend sideways to reach with one hand down towards the

floor; at the same time raise the other arm sideways and backwards, rotating the spine to look

at the up-stretched arm.

2. Kneel down and sit on heels: bend forwards and rest forehead on floor in front of knees,

arms by your side with palms downwards. Keep sitting on heels with ribs touching thighs; lift head and shoulders without arching the neck. Lift arms and turn them so that the back of the hands are facing each other.


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