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It’s important to realize that, unlike some other professions, there is no one university degree that a sex therapist has which will tell you he or she is trained, qualified or experienced. Sex therapists have vastly different levels of training and experience. And they come with different professional educations and degrees: Some are medical doctors; some are psychiatrists or psychologists; others are nurses; still others are social workers or counselors. Some have no degrees in the helping professions. Sexual problems can sometimes be a part of other difficulties, like depression, so thorough professional training is important. In all cases, we recommend you ask the therapist these questions before beginning treatment:

• What professional education, training, and degrees do you have? Specifically, what training in sex therapy have you completed?

• Do you belong to any professional organizations? Which ones?

• Have you treated many patients with problems like mine? (Some sex therapists have experience with many patients with erection problems; others do not.)

• What kind of a treatment plan or program would you recommend in my case? Why? What are the alternatives?


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