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Paget’s disease is a relatively rare condition which typically affects old people -men more than women. It causes thickening and bowing of the bones, particularly the long bones of the legs. It also causes thickening of the skull bones, which can cause headaches that are felt deep down inside the skull, often towards the back. Basically, new bone is produced faster than old bone is destroyed. Deafness is common, and in a small number of cases Paget’s disease leads on to a bone tumour.

The characteristic features of Paget’s disease are that the thickened skull bones increase the size of the head; this thickening can be seen clearly on X-ray. There are also special blood tests which can diagnose Paget’s disease.

Paget’s disease is rare and can lie helped by giving injections of the hormone calcitonin, which encourages the bones to absorb more calcium. Analgesics may be prescribed to deal with the pain.

Complementary Treatment

Constitutional homoeopathy might help, and extra Vitamin D), which has a similar action to calcitonin, is often recommended.


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