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Getting back to William, it is clear that stress is a major force in his life right now. It wouldn’t surprise him if someone pointed out that his high-pressured existence could affect his sleep, his eating patterns, his digestion and the way he does his job. But his sex life? Never. Despite the breakneck pace he keeps, he expects his body to “perform” as usual.

William, a man under stress, feels he cannot relax. He is preoccupied with the source of his tension. He is not enjoying life one moment at a time. Instead, he worries about what happened before and what is coming next. Consequently, he will find it difficult or impossible to relax and enjoy his senses in a sexual encounter. If, still in this frame of mind, he does succeed in having intercourse, he may not experience real pleasure. Often, such distress may lead to erection problems, which in turn can cause further stress and self-doubt. A vicious cycle can develop. To counteractthis, a man in this situation needs to find time to enjoy himself and feel alive. He needs to say no to outside pressures and yes to his own pleasures.

Clearly, William needs to make some adjustments in his life, to help him handle some of his increased stress. He mightfind a daily swim, regular deep breathing exercises or taking a stress management class would put him in the here and now and help him live more fully.


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