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The following characteristics are often typical of people who are sensitive to foods. Some of them are also common to people who are sensitive to chemicals. If you see anything of yourself in one or more of these traits, then suspect food sensitivity.

I Have Food Addictions or Obsessions

People sensitive-to a food or drink often have an addictive or obsessive relationship with it. Certain foods are extraordinarily important to them. Sometimes they eat or drink an excessive amount of a food, but more often they need to consume it constantly, craving it and often feeling better when they first eat or drink it again. If you wake up in the morning and do not feel well until you have consumed a particular drink or food, this is a prime indicator of food sensitivity. Feeling awful in the morning, to the point of feeling sick or even vomiting, is often a symptom of withdrawal from a food.

A child who craves constant biscuits/milk/cheese/juice/anything else may well be sensitive to that food. An addictive relationship with alcohol is sometimes caused by the foods (e.g. grapes, grains, hops, yeast) from which the drink is made, or the yeast in the alcohol.

I Have Unsatisfied Hunger or Thirst

Another indicator of food sensitivity is excessive hunger or thirst that is not satisfied by eating or drinking. Still feeling hungry after a big meal is often linked to sensitivity to a food. Excessive and constant thirst, often accompanied by constant need to urinate, is also a sign – particularly noticeable in young children. It sometimes accompanies puffiness and weight swings (see below). In adults, excessive sweating also often accompanies heavy thirst

I Have a Puffy Face

Puffiness, particularly noticeable around the face, is a trait of food sensitivity. Fingers, ankles and other joints also suffer as well. Fluid retention can result from reactions to foods and this puffiness is a sign.

I Have Big ‘Shiners’ Under My Eyes

Big black rings – so-called ‘shiners’ – are another indicator, although they can also be a sign of nasal allergies. A constant sniff, a runny nose, and persistent sinusitis, are often linked to shiners.


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